Choosing the wrong mobile tech stack sets you up for a world of pain. But how do you select the right one from a plethora of current options?

As an iOS developer I am convinced that a carefully designed native app provides the best user experience. So why would we choose Ionic2/Angular2 on Cordova (a bleeding edge Hybrid JavaScript framework) for our latest mobile app? In this short talk I will share our thinking and experiences on the current landscape of mobile stack options.

I will introduce the contenders: Native (iOS and Android) vs Semi-Native (Xamarin and React Native) vs Hybrid (Ionic2/Angular2 on Cordova) vs Web. We will then go through some of the prominent tradeoffs between the different options: cost, reuse, single language, speed and user experience, device support, learning curve.

This should give you some (opinionated) guidelines to choosing the right mobile stack for your particular app.

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